Un test

Intr-o seara fiind mai plictisit am facut un test Tickle am primit raspunsul intr-un final dar am uitat complet de el…. si iata ce mi-a iesit… eu zic ca e de bine

„People person? You? Absolutely! That’s why you’d make a perfect VP of Personnel. You really get what makes people tick, and you’re an expert at navigating even the most complex interpersonal relationships. A natural counselor, you know just what to say in every circumstance — „tact” could be your middle name. No one’s better at handling potentially sticky situations. Plus, you’ve got a great sense of fun, which means you’d really get a kick out of planning morale-boosting activities and parties. It’s all part of your creative, outgoing nature. You really like making people happy and turning wherever you are — home or office — into a happy place to be. No doubt about it, there’s a promotion in your future. So keep up the good work!”

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